Dare To Dream

May this blog challenge you to step out in faith and to pursue the dreams on your hearts.

'Dare to dream', these are words that have been echoing in my heart since the beginning of this year, stirring this great desire to live and take risks, to live as though there are no limits.

What has stopped me from dreaming? What has stopped me from launching unto the path of destiny?

It's surely the path of the unknown and I guess that's what I've been most afraid of.

What if I fail? What if it’s not as great as I imagine it to be? What if? The great question that we all ask when we are faced with a choice between normal and uncomfortable.

Though my fears have told me, what if? God has still dared me to dream and trust Him as I pursue those dreams. It’s easy to say yes to the dare but it's not as easy to stay committed to the dream as the currents of life begin to pound recklessly on my faith.

This year I knew I needed a challenge, I knew I needed to be thrown into the deep, (come on we know the feeling of comfortability or stagnancy and the frustration that it breeds) however I don't think I was prepared to find out how much I was afraid.

Afraid of what is within, what I actually carry and it's depth. I've been afraid and now I understand how much I really need God to live out these dreams, these passions and be the whole of who I am. It takes a whole lot of trust, a whole lot of faith and a whole lot of unlearning to not only dream but to follow through making the dream a reality.

I’ve had to challenge the voice that tells me I can’t with the voice of truth, I’ve had to shake myself each time I've felt complacency and laziness calling me. I’ve had to be okay with my dreams, even if it looks an ounce like someone else’s dream, my dreams are unique because they are coming from me.

I’ve had to be cool with the truth that not everyone will understand my dreams and I shouldn’t live my life trying to persuade anyone to understand, that’s simply torture. It will drain out the authenticity of what I do and I’m not here for that, like honestly lol.

Above all God is the one that has given me these dreams, so if I keep my eyes on Him then surely these dreams will come true. So I will continue to dream not only wildly but boldly because these dreams are not my own.

There is a freedom in living out purpose and that is where most of us are most happy. No matter what the context is, our most fulfilling moments and times come when we are walking out the call on our lives.

Keep going even when you face setbacks! We are all called to make a mark on the earth, to the glory of God.

So, I dare you to dream.