Do You Need God To Pursue Your Dreams?

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We absolutely need God in order for our dreams to become a reality. I believe that each and every one of us, have been placed on this earth for a reason. Period.

There is not a soul on this earth, that doesn't have a reason for their existence.

I/You/We all have a purpose and we need to connect with God in order to discover it.

I/You/We have dreams that are not on our hearts by accident, those burdens that we have are indeed God given.

We can never forget His relevance or His influence in our pursuits.

The question is this; What is a dream without God? Furthermore, what is life without God?

When we neglect the importance of Gods intention, plan and counsel in our lives, we forfeit seeing the true beauty of our lives unfold.My ability to even believe in my dreams rests in the truth that; my dreams are Gods dreams and He wants them to unfold on the earth as much as I do.

My dreams are Gods dreams and He wants them to unfold on the earth as much as I do.

I need Him.

I need Him to overcome the fear in my heart to do.

I need Him to be confident, to be bold and to remain passionate and humble.

I need Him.

See, the courage that we need to take a leap of faith is produced in a place of surrender. It's on our knees that we discover the strength to continue despite the odds internally and externally.

We need Him.

The sooner we recognise this and accept it, we find ourselves not only daring to dream but seeing those dreams manifest into something groundbreaking. Why? Because anything that God is the source of will eventually flourish into something that will drench the earth. Something that no man has seen or ear has heard. (1 Cor 2:9) Why? Because of you; a unique vessel.

You need Him.

More than you ever did before.

This post is for the person struggling to believe in what they possess, the person who questions why they are alive and the person struggling to keep hope burning.

My message for this post is simple. You need Him.Surrender.

Be inspired,