How To Beat Comparison, Before It Beats You!

I’ve compared myself many times to others. Comparison really knows no bounds, especially when you’re in a season you don’t feel your best in. It’s easy to look at someone else’s life and come to a conclusion of what you are not because of it.

Comparison was something that came naturally to me, mainly because when I was growing up. I was always compared to someone and not for the better but as a way to point out what I was not. So comparison almost became habitual, I did it without thinking. It really broke me down and made me feel insignificant.

I want to share 3 things you can do to beat comparison before it beats you down, to a place of jealousy, competition, resentment and more.

1. Believe that you are enough: You have to work on building your self-esteem. You have to relinquish who you think you are and your ambition to be like someone else to truly receive from God, who He says you are. It’s getting rooted and established in the truth, which will ultimately shift the way you see yourself.

2. Recognise what you already have: Gratitude is key! Stop looking at what you don’t have and focus on what you do have. Exercise contentment, each time you find yourself comparing, quickly repeat to yourself what you’re grateful for in this season. Think about one thing that you love about yourself or have accomplished and celebrate that. There’s no such thing as over celebrating yourself!

3. You need to detach: For a season you will have to detach yourself from the things or people that trigger you to compare. Guard the treasure that you have and put the first two points in motion. So you can get to a place that even if it appears that someone has something better than you, you are secure that what you have is enough and that you.

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