How To Deal With Rejection

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions, how I’ve dealt with rejection in the past. Rejection has been something I have experienced from a young age, from being bullied to being rejected by family members.

There were a lot of times I wondered, ‘Why does nobody like me?’ ,‘What did I do to not be wanted?’ It was painful and the result of being rejected, made me feel so insecure and unsure about myself.

Rejection leaves such a deep wound and that wound has to be treated correctly. If it is not, an individual can live their whole life trying to win the acceptance and approval of people or shut themselves off from ever experiencing meaningful, good, loving relationships because of the fear of being rejected again. How do I know this? Because it was me.

Rejection can play out in different ways. For instance, cheating can feel like you’re being rejected because someone else must have something that you did not have, for your significant other to step out the boundaries of the relationship. Betrayal can feel like you’re being rejected, because it can seem like someone didn’t esteem or value you enough to be loyal.

Rejection could feel like you loving and caring for someone hard, but it's not fully reciprocated. Being left out, intentionally or unintentionally can feel as though you're being rejected, because it appears as though you're possibly not enough to be apart or to belong.

Rejection can make you question your significance and value, it can knock your confidence. Rejection is painful but above all, it can instil a fear in the heart which eventually causes you to build walls.

God laid it on my heart to simply share some of the things that have helped me to deal with rejection. So here goes: