How to find normal in disruption (Resources Inside)

Hey, how are you holding up? COVID-19 has really disrupted normal and in some ways it’s been good. A lot of people have been able to spend more time with family, rest and work on some of the things they love. However, being in the house all day with limited human interaction has had an impact on many of us. Working from home works for some people but others don’t have an environment that facilitates WFH.

In the midst of disruption, you can still find a calm. It won’t be easy and it won’t be straightforward but it doesn’t mean it can’t be obtained. Here are a few things that can help in this time.

Routine matters, create a routine that will help facilitate your adjustment to a new normal. What can you do in this time that will assist in maintaining a healthy mind? Build a simple routine and be intentional with your time. Schedule things in the calendar and add reminders. Go for a walk before you start your day or workout. Have breaks in the day to do something creative, a hobby that sparks joy.

Schedule time to connect with loved ones. Keep your day simple, yes it seems you have a lot more time but that doesn’t mean you have to put pressure on yourself, to do anything in this time.

Clear space, clear mind. If you don’t have a workspace, try and create one. Make sure your workspace is clear! Try and get rid of any mess and create a space that inspires you. Try and work in a space where there's natural lighting too.

Be present, not only with what’s happening around you but also with what’s happening in you. Discover your triggers, where you need support and where you may need to pull back or connect more. Journaling is a great way to touch base with yourself! Refrain from taking in too much media or watching what other people are doing. Focus on getting the most of this time!

Pray, be open with God and invite Him into the chaos and remind yourself who He can be even in the midst of what is happening. Give God room to speak back to you! This is a great time to be creative with your time with God, each day doesn’t have to look the same.

Mix it up a little, go on a prayer walk, if you’re a creative use your gift to honour God and to allow Him to speak back to you. What do I mean? If you’re a singer, let God hear your heart through song but also allow Him to lead you as you sing to Him. If you’re an artist, put worship on and just draw. Let His Spirit minister to you as you create.

Allow your study time to be centered around a particular area of your life. That time with God doesn’t have to be so rigid! If you’re struggling in the area of discipline, search scriptures on discipline. If you’re struggling with comparison, make that your topic to study. What do you get from the scripture? How can you apply it to your life? You can also create prayer points, based on what you read.

Here are a few resources that can help you maximise this time

Master Calendar Blocking - Amy Landino

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