How To Gain Clarity & Direction To Overcome Confusion

Here are 5 key things that helped me to gain clarity and direction, for my life!

I did an instagram live around gaining clarity in the midst of confusion. This was inspired by a conversation I was having about purpose on the Coffee & Prayer instagram page.

Confusion can come as a result of having a lot of options and being unsure of what to do or having many gifts, skills and talents but not necessarily knowing how to maximize them. You can also feel confused, lost or even unclear when you have feelings of dissatisfaction and unhappiness in a job/relationship or your personal growth.

Confusion is not an abnormal feeling, confusion is normal but it’s not a state that God desires us to remain in, He desires us to move forward and have peace as His children.

So here are 5 key things that I shared in the LIVE that helped me to gain clarity and direction!

1. Developing a relationship with God is key: If you want to know the plan for your life, you have to know the one that holds the plan. (Proverbs 3:3-4, John 14:1, Jeremiah 29:11)

2. Knowing your season: You have to ask yourself; does the season permit what you want to do? Is it really the right time for you to be pursuing that? Does your schedule give room for it? Are you actually ready? Stop bringing what is meant to bud in spring, into your winter! (Ecclesiastes 3:1-8)

3. Knowing the one thing, amongst the many things that will be the stepping stone for everything else you want to achieve: