Lessons In 2018 That Shaped Me

“One day you’ll look back and see, that all along you were blooming.”

Morgan Harper Nichols

This time last year, I was going through a major shift in every area of my life. My last name had changed, my friendship circles began to change, my job situation was changing and not for the better either. I had no clue what I wanted to do and it seemed as though everyone around me had it together.

The change that was happening at that time, caused a lot of pain, confusion and insecurity. I questioned myself so much and I felt so stuck. As I prayed for the year ahead (2018) the Lord told me that it would be a year of ‘wholeness and God success’. (I can say 2018 has truly been that!)

I felt this pull from God to step out in faith and venture into the unknown with Him. I was SCARED to say the least and I definitely didn’t feel ready to do anything wild but I said yes anyway!

So, I finally did my first Coffee & Prayer Event in December 2017, an idea that I’d been sitting on for two years, TWO WHOLE YEARS people! The truth is, I was too afraid to start. I made excuses, if it wasn’t finances it was a question as to whether it was the right time. The vision was burning on my heart for those two years, but I didn’t respond to it because I also felt I needed to have certain things in place.

I’ve learnt that sometimes God doesn’t need your money, connections or anything else to make something He has proposed happen or successful. He just needs your obedience and obedience requires total faith.