"They say the more you speak positively is the more you think positively."

A set of 3 Affirmation Cards to empower you. You can use this to start your day and to build yourself up with the TRUTH. 


These are not just affirmations but prayers, each card has key scriptures connected to the affirmation.

It’s the word that transforms us! It’s the word that releases us and brings freedom. This set was created to silence every lie, thought and narrative that defys what God has said about you and your life. 


• As a daily reminder 
• Put them in your journal/diary as an inspirational reminder
• Gift individual cards to someone special
• Keep your favourites in your bag
• Place your favourite affirmation somewhere you can see them daily

• Read through the referenced scriptures, daily
• Pick one card that resonates with you most in the morning and repeat it out loud


Made for More Affirmation Cards

£5.99 Regular Price
£4.19Sale Price
  • Made For More Affirmation Cards

    Sides: Double Sided
    Paper Type: Silk
    Paper Weight: 350gsm
    Additional Finishes: Double velvet lamination and gold foil

  •  Est. 2-5 working days.

 For Weekly Encouragement

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