Entrepreneur, #1 Best-Selling author, mom and motivational speaker

I'm Susan Deborahs, a Wife, Author, Speaker, Content Creator and the Founder Of Coffee & Prayer. 

I love to encourage and uplift people by sharing my journey, and how my faith in Christ has helped me to heal and excel. From losing both my parents to experiencing abuse, depression, homelessness and much more.


I’ve come out on the other side and I truly believe that my story is someone else’s freedom and hope. I’m super passionate about personal development and giving people the tools to help them thrive. I get to do this through my podcast, masterclasses and books. 

Summer 2014, I published my first book ‘Living Waters’; my creative spin on the story of the woman at the well in John 4. I wanted to give women around the world hope that God was able to meet them where they were and set them free. The same way Christ did with this woman and myself. 


Since the release of Living Waters, I have gone on to partner with YouVersion and written three devotionals; ‘Living Waters’, ‘Nothing Else Matters’ and ‘Back To Life’. The devotionals have had over 200,000 subscribers.  


In summer 2018 I released a 21 Day Devotional called ‘Back To Life’. A devotional that reinforces the truth that there is power in speaking, living and believing the scriptures. Our freedom, peace, joy and the discovery of who we are is locked up in the scriptures and through this devotional, I am able to enlighten readers of this truth.


December 2017, I took a leap of faith, betrayed my fears and started an organisation called Coffee & Prayer; a forum created to empower, equip and inspire women from different walks of life, through the Word. We hold bi-monthly events that have attracted hundreds of women who are seeking to learn more about God whilst also building community. 


Above all of this, I get to do life with the most incredible man, my husband, Ayokunu Oduniyi. He is the senior leader of ANT LDN Church, the founder of 412 Men and an entrepreneur with a passion to also advance Gods kingdom. 

I want to go beyond inspiring someone, I want to give them a reason to live.

Susan Deborahs

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Coffee and Prayer Susan Deborahs